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How A Sage Bundle Can Cleanse the Energy of You and Your Home

Written by Marcella Hornyak


Posted on November 04 2020

Edited by: Julia Giordano

After spending so much time in our homes these past few months, I, and I’m sure many of you, have noticed how a physical space can affect your mood. When my space is messy, my mind is messy. Carrying out a productive day is very difficult with a messy mind and this period of time has especially shown that there is not always the option to escape from one place to another.

So instead, I’ve redirected my focus to cleansing the space around me, and when I do- my mood and energy level improve with it. This cleansing or renewal of a space can be partially achieved with decorations - hanging up a picture you bought months ago, or putting a new plant in the corner of the room - but a way to cleanse an entire space as a whole only takes one addition - sage.

Sage, or Salvia Officinalis has historically been used as a way to cleanse. Sage itself is known to be a natural antibacterial that is used as a common remedy for many causes. Its history stems back to my Native American cultural practice of binding together multiple strands of sage - and smudging (or burning) it to cleanse a person or place. As someone who is of Native American decent, sage is something I’ve consistently incorporated within my own journey since I was in my twenties. During this time of my life I began engaging with Native American culture and the importance of sage has carried with me since.

The sage bundle shown below follows the traditional cleansing ceremony elements that represent nature and the spirit. The feather and smoke represent Air. The smudge sticks and ashes represent Earth. The embers of the smudge represent Fire. The abalone shell represents Water. All elements combine to cleanse and protect the spiritual nature of the body and of a place. Of these sticks is the Palo Santo stick, which is known for its healing benefits. Consistently using sage can help relieve the common cold, stress, headaches, anxiety, inflammation, emotional trauma and more.


Smudging is a spiritual and holistic way to connect oneself, one’s mind and body to the earth and home. As sage is known to be an antibacterial that literally cleans the air as well as cleanse its energy, it is a wonderful way to reset the balance of your home - especially if your home is now where you work as well.

This blending of what used to be separate places into one can be difficult! The time in between working and not working may no longer exist for you or the stages of the day all flow into one. If you’re like me and the state of your space has an effect on your mood, mental space, or energy level - then it’s likely that that it also affects your work mental space. That being said, think about how much more comfortable this adjustment would feel if your home and work space (even when combined) reflected your ideal mental space.

I know that we can’t always make every space around us perfect in its aesthetic or decoration, but I intend for this entry to influence you to take a moment to pause and consider the importance of your physical surroundings - especially if this period of time has kept you in certain spaces more often. The cleansing of these physical spaces can help to relieve any negative energy associated with the space, allowing you to feel more at peace or more productive depending on what you need at each moment of time.

It is important to remember that the energy we bring into a space matters. If your living room has also become your office space and you have a stressful day at work, it’s possible that the next time you enter that room you’re reminded of that stress. A great way to keep your space’s energy neutralized is to periodically smudge sage throughout it. This is something that I consistently do in my own home and is something that has become a consistent piece of my own journey.

Using sage is similar to meditating. When I perform the cleansing of my own space, it is a process that starts with myself; before I move on to smudging any space, I start with smudging myself, so as I travel around my home or wherever I am cleansing, I’m bringing clean energy along with me. I use the feather to fan the smoke around the room, and hold the sage inside the abalone shell.

I find smudging to be very calming and peaceful. Going from room to room and working outward while I smudge becomes a time to also focus on rebalancing myself. It has become a way for me to release any stress that I’m feeling within myself and within my space. I focus letting all of this negativity go to cleanse myself and the space around me. I encourage you to do this too. As our definition of ‘home’ has expanded, our means of re-centering should expand as well - because a cleansed space really does help towards a cleansed mind.



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