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We’re Back and Reiki Mastered!

Written by Marcella Hornyak


Posted on September 03 2020

Edited by: Julia Giordano

It’s been some time since we’ve last checked in, and to say that a lot has happened since would be a great understatement. 2020 has given our world a pandemic, our nation civic unrest, and our beings a drastic array of discomforting feelings in between. In a time where not only our personal but medical safety is at risk, and for some more than others, the resulting environment is one that has been mixed with acts of not only protection but protest, in both positive and negative ways. 

Although brought on by the shared pain of great loss, the Black Lives Matter movement has brought many together to rally for equality in our world. As this fight continues, we are still battling the ever present limitations and devastations of COVID-19. Needless to say, at times it can feel difficult to remain positive. I understand, and I’ve been there too - but I am here to remind you that the focus on your journey within you is more important now than ever. 

In this uncertain time, we can find strength in our personal growth - learning from those around us, listening to our inner thoughts, and manifesting positive change to enter our future. I have been making my journey with Reiki a priority during the past few months, and I am very excited to announce that I am now a certified Reiki Master.

If you are not familiar with Reiki, that is okay! But, if you are someone who has experienced emotional imbalance, stress, anxiety, sadness, and etc. then Reiki may be just what you need in your journey towards the best you.

A Journey Within Me was inspired by my personal journey, and was created to be a space for inspiring those who are considering, or actively working, on their own journey. Through my skills as a Reiki master, my mission is to help you reach the most optimal version of you!

About a year ago, with the help of a trusted friend and an experienced Reiki healer, I began the process of becoming a Reiki master myself.

Armed only with my strong inner guidance and instincts, which have pushed me spiritually to pursue a deeper connection with holistic health and wellness, I chose to take an absolute leap of faith and trust in myself to embark on this journey.

As soon as my training began, my life began to change with it. This was truly the start of my journey to fully connect with myself, one in which I have so much to learn and so many experiences to share.

Once time allows, I will begin holding Reiki appointments that will allow me to align energy blockages specific to every individual client. 

I will share content with you that is focused on meditation, yoga, crystal healing, and of course, Reiki. This blog is meant to be a guide to help you during your own journey. Wherever it is that you may be in your journey is perfectly okay; my shared experiences and techniques are here to help you at every step of the way. All of the products on my website are intended to enhance your meditative experience and help you feel as peaceful with yourself as possible. 

I welcome you to become a part of my journey to learn, to heal, and to become the best true self which lives deep inside you. For more information and inspiration to begin, follow my page.



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