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Betty Boo Collection

Once I painted my first mandala piece, I knew I had found my passion and hobby. I stumbled upon it on the internet and decided to recreate what I had seen. The satisfaction that came from creating the symmetry was instantly pleasing and addictive. I never really know exactly what I am going to paint. I let what feels good drive my painting. Each piece is unique as each dot is placed methodically and with great focus.

Mandala dot painting takes me away into a space where all that matters is exactly what is in front of me. The exact and deliberate placement of every dot could take hours to finish. But, once I am in the zone, time does not matter. My finished products always put a smile on my face and that is exactly what I hope to bring to my customers.

My hand-painted items are one of a kind and will not disappoint. You cannot find them in any store. They make wonderful gifts and are a conversational piece. It gives me great pleasure and excitement to share my mandala dot art with you.