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For the times when your mind is heavy with negative thoughts, and you're having a hard time to concentrate, this kit will help you perform a spiritual cleansing ritual.

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All elements combine to cleanse and protect the spiritual nature of the body and of a place.

The smudge sticks and ashes represent Earth.

The feather and smoke represent Air.

The abalone shell represents water.

The embers of the smudge represent fire.

Why Cleanse Your Home?

Smudging is a spiritual and holistic way to connect oneself, one’s mind and body to the earth and home.

Sage is known to be an antibacterial that literally cleans the air as well as cleanse its energy, it is a wonderful way to reset the balance of your home.

The cleansing of these physical spaces can help to relieve any negative energy associated with the space, allowing you to feel more at peace or more productive depending on what you need at each moment of time.

Sage itself is known to be a natural antibacterial that is used as a common remedy for many causes.

Frequently asked questions

Why use a spiritual cleansing bundle?

Cleansing with our bundle helps in aligning your mind with the universe, so that the good energies are always by your side, keeping the negative ones at bay.

How does white sage benefit?

White sage is known for its strong aroma and its powerful cleansing properties. It was traditionally used in driving away bad energy, bad dreams, ailments, negative thoughts, and bad influences.

What is the purpose of the Abalone Shell?

The Abalone Shell promotes emotional balance and creates a protective barrier for you. It provides a soothing sensation and encourages you to open yourself up to new perspectives and to set out to explore the unknown and discover the unseen.

What is the benefit of the Palosanto stick?

The Palosanto or Holy Stick has the power to heal your wounded soul naturally. Traditionally, this was used in rituals to get rid of stress, tension, emotional pain, trauma, and bringing in positive energy.

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